All advertisers and content and reports providers must fill in a “commitment form”.

This form is available in each edition of The Romsey Rag, it  allows us to track who has paid  for what and for how long.

As commitment forms run out we are able to contact people to see if they wish to cease, continue or increase their material within the Rag.

Nothing in this world is free, someone has to pay and the Romsey Rag Committee of Management strongly believes that it is unfair to expect all the local l trades and businesses to pay for the production this community newspaper.  As such The Romsey Rag offers very generous “Not For Profit” memberships.

A; $100.00 pa – up to 11 half page reports each year with one 1/2 or two 1/4 page flyers (B/W) for free

B; $50.00 pa – up to 5 half page reports each year with one 1/4 page flyer (B/W) for free.

These memberships entitle community groups to regular space in The Rag so that they can report to the community and highlight upcoming events.

We also offer generous discounts to “For Profit” companies and individuals when they take out longer term advertising.

The Current Romsey Rag Annual Charges

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